Start Spring Feeling Your Best

7 Day Reset for your Mind, Body and Soul

Join myself and others in the Wellness Bender Community for a Spring Detox

Is it time for a reset?

  • Do you want to lose weight, but are having trouble getting started?
  • Do you suffer from fatigue or mental fog? 
  • Do you have digestive issues? 
  • Do you feel often feel bloated, puffy, or swollen?
  • Do you have food cravings?
  • Do you want to improve your overall health? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, a 7 Day Detox is the perfect fit for you. 

Detox Week: Monday, April 8th - Sunday, April 15th

How does a Functional Medicine Detox work?


A Functional Medicine detox decreases inflammation and toxins by temporarily eliminating problematic foods while enhancing your liver’s detoxifying power. 


Because a Functional Medicine detox works at a root cause level to help improve all areas of both mind and body, so don’t be surprised if “everything” starts to feel that much better!

How is the detox week structured?

The 7-day detox includes 2 liquid fasting days, followed by 5 days of a mix of detox shakes and clean detox lunches/dinners. Lunches are plant-based; dinners can be plant or animal protein-based. Additional vitamins, minerals, and herbs are taken daily to aid in breaking down and eliminating toxins. Powders and supplements are vegan and gluten-free.


  • Shed excess weight (average 5-10+ lbs., depending on body type)
  • Boost energy levels and mental clarity
  • Enjoy restorative sleep
  • Cleanse your body of years of accumulated toxins
  • Attain radiant, clear skin
  • Improve digestion, reduce bloating, and support gut health
  • Relieve inflammation, unlocking a revitalized version of yourself

Detox week: Monday, April 8th - Sunday, April 15th

Prep Week: Monday, April 1st – Sunday, April 7th 

Deadline to Join: Monday, April 1st

Detox Package Includes:

Functional Medicine Detox Kit: 7-Day Supply of Multi-Vitamin Protein Powder and supplements. ($99 Value) 

One-on-one Success Call: 1:1 call to support you through the detox process. ($60 Value) 

Access to My Coaching App: Access videos, handouts, and more, all neatly organized in my online Coaching App. ($50 Value) 

Personalized Support: Receive direct messaging support from myself throughout the detox. (30 min call $60 Value) 

Group Calls & Chats: Connect with others on the same detox adventure. (Priceless!) 

Detox Recipe Guide: Receive my Detox Recipe Guide with my favorite recipes and cooking tips. ($30 Value) 

Package Cost: $179 

Let's prioritize your health together!

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