Elevate Your Well-being with a Functional Medicine Detox

Join me and others for a transformative journey to prioritize your health and wellness! 

In just 7 days, witness a remarkable change in your well-being. Join me for a week of nourishing your body with clean eating and the rejuvenating power of fasting.

It’s time to bid farewell to belly bloat, low moods, and sluggishness, and say hello to a revitalized you—filled with boundless energy and mental clarity.

This specially curated program is designed to guarantee your success. I provide you with all the essential tools and resources you need, coupled with dedicated one-on-one support throughout including one-on-one calls.


🌿 How does a Functional Medicine Detox work?

A Functional Medicine detox decreases inflammation and toxins by temporarily eliminating problematic foods while enhancing your liver’s detoxifying power. Because a Functional Medicine detox works at a root cause level to help improve all areas of both mind and body, so don’t be surprised if “everything” starts to feel that much better!


🌿 Benefits:

  • Shed excess weight (average 4-10+ lbs., depending on body type)
  • Boost energy levels and mental clarity
  • Enjoy restorative sleep
  • Cleanse your body of years of accumulated toxins
  • Attain radiant, clear skin
  • Improve digestion, reduce bloating, and support gut health
  • Relieve inflammation, unlocking a revitalized version of yourself


🌿 How is a typical detox week structured?

The 7-day detox includes 2 liquid fasting days with 4 detox shakes daily, followed by 5 days of a mix of detox shakes and clean detox lunches/dinners. Powders and pills are vegan and gluten-free. Lunches are plant-based; dinners can be plant or animal protein-based. Additional vitamins, minerals, and herbs aid in breaking down and eliminating toxins.

See the meal schedule below with approved proteins, carbs, and healthy fats for lunches and dinners.


🌿 What’s included in the Wellness Bender Detox Program? 

  • Functional Medicine Detox Kit: 7-Day Supply of Multi-Vitamin Protein Powder and supplements
  • One-on-one Success Calls: Two 1:1 calls to support you through the detox process.
  • Access to My Coaching App:Access videos, handouts, and more, all neatly organized in my online Coaching App.
  • Personalized Support:Receive direct messaging support from myself throughout the detox
  • Group Chat Access:Connect with others on the same detox adventure
  • Detox Recipe Guide: Receive my Detox Recipe Guide with my favorite recipes and cooking tips.

Detox week:  Spring Detox Week Coming Soon! 

Deadline to Join: TBD

Ready to start feeling better? Let’s get started!

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