Winning Mental clarity


The Challenge

My biggest struggle was prioritizing my health goals

Dan wanted to lose weight and gain mental clarity

My demanding work schedule was causing stress and pushing my health goals to the back burner

The plan..

Lori and I spoke over the phone weekly for 12 weeks. We started with a 7 day detox to reset my eating habits and kick start my weight loss goals. She gave me powerful tools and information that motivated me to reach my goals.

What did Dan accomplish?


A lifestyle of wellness

Working with Lori helped me to stay focused on my goals so that I was able to consistently make healthy choices which have now become a lifestyle of wellness.


Goal Weight

I reached my goal weight and am now consistently 10lbs lighter than before.


Mental Clarity

I have an abundance of energy and my mental clarity has vastly improved.


Stress Management

I am now able to turn negative or stressful situations into a wealth of positive energy to accomplish my goals.


Consistent results

Working with Lori was a turning point in my pursuit of health and wellness. She gave me powerful tools and information that helped me to see consistent results which turned into a new healthy lifestyle.

Dan completed the 90 day total mind-body transformation

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