Winning stress management


The Challenge

My biggest struggle

Geri wanted to ..?

I wanted to get in control of my health by developing better eating habits, lose weight and gain more energy.

We made a plan..

Through our weekly one-on-one calls, Lori helped me create a plan for my week so I didn't feel overwhelmed by trying to take on too much. She provide tools that supported my goals and ways to set up additional support and accountability.

What did Geri accomplish?


Stress Management

I now have tools and routines in place to help me manage my stress levels better.


Weight Loss

Since working with Lori i have lost over 30 lbs. I feel lean and healthy!


Eating better

I cook for myself more, plan my meals better, and eat more balanced.


Habit Change

Lori helped me learn how to create more support and accountability I needed to achieve my goals.


Positive Mind-set

Lori has helped me shift my mind-set

Geri completed the 90 day total mind-body transformation

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