This program offers a personalized approach to health, crafting a transformational journey that extends beyond physical well-being to enhance every aspect of your life. I will spend time with you each week getting to better understand your challenges and how to overcome them within the context of your lifestyle. 


Together we will take away the overwhelm of balancing your life and health and make it easy and achievable.


You’ll discover how to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make so you can feel better in your body, your health, and across all areas of your life.


$495 / Month (3 month minimum commitment) 


Program Includes:

  • Personalized Approach: As a certified Transformational Health and Life Coach, I bring a variety of tools to guide you through a personalized transformational experience.
  • Weekly Insights: We’ll spend dedicated time each week delving into your challenges, understanding them deeply, and crafting tailored solutions.
  • Habit Transformation: Using proven techniques, we’ll navigate from small, manageable steps to your broader goals. It’s about creating lasting habits that redefine how you feel in your body and elevate all aspects of your life.
  • Weekly 60 Minute Calls: These personalized sessions include goal-setting exercises, mindfulness practices, stress-reduction techniques, and personalized weight-loss strategies.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Receive customized recommendations and handouts to support your specific goals.

One-On-One Coaching

Weekly calls that will build each week on your goals

Personalized Plan & Support

Personalized recommendations and handouts to support your specific goals​

Anytime Support - Your Choice

Additional support outside of calls through email/messenger.

Want to know more?
Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call.

During your free consultation you will discover if a Wellness Bender journey is right for you.  

I will ask you questions about your current state of health and where you want to be. Based on your goals, I’ll offer the best next steps for moving forward in your health journey.