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Come on a Wellness Bender with me. 
Let’s prioritize your health together so you can live your healthiest, happiest life!

I understand very well how stress can effect both the mind and body.

As a busy working professional in NYC, I had a moment of self reflection, I wanted to accomplish so much but couldn’t image having the time nor energy for anything more. I felt stuck. I also could tell the effects of stress was building up, telling me through symptoms, both mental and physical. I needed a change..

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Transform your health and life with weekly one-on-one coaching.

Holistic Reset

Get to the root cause of why you don't feel well. Run at-home-labs and receive a customized Wellness Plan including supplements, diet, exercise and more.

Group Detox Programs

Join me and others multiple times a year for group detoxing.

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During your free consultation you will discovery if a Wellness Bender journey is right for you.


I will ask you questions about your current state of health and where you want to be. Based on your goals, I’ll offer the best next steps for moving forward in your health journey.

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My Certifications

Integrative Health Practicer L1 & L2

Certified Health & Life Coach 

200 RYT Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

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